Five trending things from ResourceBank in January

Now that we’re through January, over the immediate New Year rush and we’ve had a chance to talk about plans for 2015 with most of our clients, we thought we’d share what is popular and what was mentioned most in meetings with ResourceBank during January:

Project related RPO
The job market is definitely heating up – with four times as many companies looking to increase staff levels compared to those seeking to reduce numbers. Many companies have an internal resourcing function but with the demands of expansion, we are being asked to support an increasing number of one-off recruitment projects – whether its 25 staff for a new store opening or 120 telemarketers for an expanding financial services business. We are the right size to respond quickly and effectively to these short-term demands and we expect project-related RPO to increase significantly during 2015.

Harnessing technology & social talent

With the recruitment market picking up, it is becoming more important to identify, attract and engage talented candidates quickly and effectively. We’ve invested in a brand new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) from Avature which has increased process efficiency, harnesses social media sourcing and magnifies candidate engagement.  To manage Avature effectively we are ensuring that all our recruitment staff are fully trained in social media sourcing and have created a “Talent Team” to give additional focus to identifying, pipelining and engaging talent for our clients. During 2015, we expect the competition for talent to really heat up and companies that don’t have the right tools in place could get left behind.


Running Staff Assessment Projects

Many sectors are going through change – whether its the on-line retail market, construction industry or the Energy industry. Companies are re-evaluating what skills and workforce they will need in the future. We’ve supported a number of companies assess their current workforce and whether you’re looking to downsize, expand, recruit or restructure, using an independent assessment partner ensures you get the best people into the right jobs. We’ve expanded our Assessment team as a result of customer interest and are forecasting an increased number of projects during 2015.


Using exit feedback to build engagement 

Our exit interview service is running at its highest ever level thanks to the recruitment market getting busier and stretched HR departments not having time to handle exit interviews.  Our independent interviewers obtain valuable insight from leavers, enabling clients to take proactive action to secure key staff.  Our HR consultants can also help clients to develop a more strategic approach to staff engagement and retention.

Celebrating our 20th birthday

And finally ResourceBank was established in 1995 so we are 20 years old this year. We’ll be having a number of events to celebrate and will be producing content to review how the market has changed over the last twenty years.  If you’ve worked in the industry for more than 20 years we’d love to hear your views.  Please email if you’d like to share your experiences (and gain an invite to one of our events)!


Those were the five most talked about things at meetings during January. We also talked about new Executive Search projects with Brush Group and Morris, our RPO with World Duty Free Group being extended until 2017, our HR Solutions service undertaking ER responsibility and lots of other good new projects.  We are expanding our teams in Telford and Henley-on-Thames as well as on-site opportunities with several clients so please get in touch if you’d be interested in joining us.

What’s been the main topic of conversation in your business this January?  Feel free to share and comment on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

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