ResourceBank takes a Ninja approach

With UK employment at record levels the majority of in-demand candidates are not searching job boards but are waiting for employers to find them. It is up to recruiters to go out and search for these candidates and “ninja sourcing” is now a vital part of any talent attraction strategy.

Ninja Sourcing is a term coined by training specialists, Social Talent, a leading provider of online and social media training to the recruitment and staffing industry. ResourceBank implemented a Ninja Sourcing training course back in 2014 following a company-wide central sourcing project launched to enhance the research and sourcing capabilities at ResourceBank.  The training has helped our recruitment teams to become experts in targeted candidate sourcing and has given us a competitive advantage within the outsourced recruitment sector.

18 Ninjas

The main priority for most of our embedded recruitment teams is to identify a small number of high quality candidates for each position with our clients, as opposed to attracting high numbers of applications for the sake of it.  We therefore very much focus on tactics needed to identify and source the right type of candidate. Today, we have 17 certified Ninjas at ResourceBank and another 1 in training. The ninja approach has provided our recruiters with a new energy and focus on candidate identification and has allowed us to source with confidence across social channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It has also provided an in-depth understanding of the tools and techniques available to enhance all recruitment activity.

SEO for job adverts

Research shows that 73% of jobseekers start their job search on Google, therefore it was crucial for ResourceBank to understand the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in the recruitment sector. We now utilise SEO to increase candidate attraction and stand out in this competitive industry. Tactics include: Keyword research, customised listings, unique job descriptions and localising jobs. Our recruiters found a huge difference in the effectiveness of job adverts after re-writing job specifications in a style that suits the type of candidate required. When struggling to hire for a part-time customer service role, we re-wrote the advert in a more relaxed style and was soon inundated with 30+ responses over the next few days and the role was filled shortly afterwards.

Death of 9-5

Flexibility is key and since becoming Ninjas, we have recognised the drawbacks of limiting times in which we contact potential interviewees, our recruiters are now very flexible when communicating with candidates; Our Northgate team for example, understand mechanics are typically available after 5:30pm therefore contact is mostly made 5:30pm onwards. The team also introduced out-of-hours recruitment evenings for potential motor vehicle technicians; these were both low-key and informal to appeal to the candidate market. The workshops are held between 5:30-7:30pm, the optimal time for these specific individuals, and have been very popular to date. Social media is also an especially useful tool for us and has helped us target specific types of candidates – saving our busy team valuable time and resource. In fact, time to hire has since reduced by 60%.

And we ‘walk the talk’ ourselves. Our HR Manager, Hannah Taylor, utilises Ninja Sourcing to find us great quality candidates to work within our teams in Telford and Henley. Since becoming Sourcing Ninjas, ResourceBank’s success rate in appointing for difficult-to-fill roles has increased dramatically and we are confident our staff now have the expertise to recruit for any role allocated to us. We believe Ninja Sourcing techniques complement our existing strategy and help us stand out from other companies who provide RPO services.

So, have you got any tough roles that could do with a Ninja approach? Call us on 01952 281900 to see how we can help.

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