Right to Work checks are changing. Are you ready?

Covid changed the way we hired new employees, including how we checked their right to work status. For the first time in history employers were able to check documents virtually as remote working became the norm for many of us. However as of 6th April 2022, there’s some changes you need to know about.

Checks for non – British nationals must now be done online

Up until 5th April you can still check Biometric Residence Cards, Biometric Residence Permits and Frontier Worker Permits in person, but from the 6th April onwards the presentation of a physical document will no longer be acceptable.

Instead, you’ll need to use the new free online service from the Home Office. The check needs to be carried out prior to the candidate’s first day of employment and all you need is their date of birth and a share code which the individual can generate from this site.

For British and Irish Citizens…

The 6th April was also due to mark the end of the temporary adjustment period whereby right to work checks could be done via video call or scanning copies to the employer when unable to present them in person due to Covid.

Virtual right to work checks would be scrapped, with the process reverting to its previous incarnation where documents are shown in person.  In instances where this is not possible, the Government has enabled the use of Identification Document Validation Technology (IDTV) which can verify the identity of British and Irish citizens who hold a valid passport.

However, the Government has recently deferred this date to the 30th September 2022 to allow employers to prepare, amend their current processes and policies, and build relationships with suitable identity service providers. Depending on the provider there is likely to be a cost associated for every check undertaken. So this is definitely something you should be looking into prior to September.

You can find out more about the changes in legislation here.

As an outsourced recruiter, ResourceBank is always up to date with current regulations and as part of our RPO services we can ensure anyone we recruit on your behalf has the right documents to work legally in the UK.

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