Five fundamentals that make ResourceBank the right choice

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Sam Alsop-Hall as Managing Director for Healthcare. Sam has worked in both Management Consultancy and Recruitment in the UK and European Healthcare markets and will be heading the creation and development of a unique and socially conscious “hybrid consultancy” business for ResourceBank which will allow NHS & Private Healthcare organisations to access services from our RPO, Executive Search, Interim Management and HR Solutions businesses.

We asked him to introduce himself and explain why he has joined us:

Hopefully if you’re reading this you will know something of my background within Healthcare recruitment and consultancy.

Earlier this year, as things were not going to plan with my previous role, I started looking for the ideal company for me to work for.  A company that would give me the opportunity to develop and to support my ideas.  It would be handy if that company had a local base to me.  And most importantly had a culture which supported diversity, development and inclusiveness.

I contacted quite a few, and then when I met Richard, the owner and Managing Director of ResourceBank, I knew that I had found the right home – and it was just a matter of convincing Richard to hire me!

Fortunately he has done, and this is why I believe this is a great home for me:

ResourceBank offers a hybrid service

The healthcare market is in an interesting space currently where I believe traditional consultancy practice, and equally, traditional recruitment processes are not fit for purpose. A “hybrid” approach which encapsulates the best of both is now the way forward – the speed, flexibility and market intelligence of good healthcare recruitment blended with the expertise, governance and delivery models of consultancy. ResourceBank has experience in both camps and a strong track record of success gained over almost a quarter of a century in business!

ResourceBank believes in adding value above all else

I have always struggled with the transactional nature of traditional recruitment relationships. You might do a great job on a role or on a project, but unless you make an effort to keep in touch with your clients, it is easy to simply “get paid and move on.” Because they have so much to offer to their clients, ResourceBank build long-term partnerships (such as the 10 year partnership with World Duty Free). I have worked in businesses where success was measured based on securing the highest profit margin. Our approach will be a fresh, holistic approach providing specialist, tailored people-resourcing consultancy in partnership with Healthcare clients.

ResourceBank’s portfolio of services is perfect for my Healthcare network

I am delighted to have an unparalleled network of effective, experienced and connected advisors, interim consultants and coaches who are in a position to support people and systems deliver better health and care; but sometimes the complex buying processes in the NHS in particular mean healthcare clients cannot access this eco-system of people in a cost effective, transparent and flexible way. We know that to deliver the “10 year plan” senior and capable people will be required in the NHS to manage the implementation of system transition plans, but the NHS cannot afford to purchase this expertise in the way it has previously which resulted in billions spent with recruitment and consultancy businesses with little to show for it. Outsourcing certain HR, consultancy and recruitment activities to a forward-thinking partner can unlock the most valuable approach to delivery and this is evident in the continued growth of the RPO industry. ResourceBank has the track-record and expertise to really help, I believe combining my healthcare sector knowledge with this track record will allow us to broker a bespoke-solution for healthcare clients which is best in class.

ResourceBank has award winning Executive Search and outstanding RPO solutions

Having worked in Healthcare Executive Search, I understand the value of embedding yourself as a trusted search partner. I have built my own reputation through personal recommendation (feel free to read through the hundreds on my LinkedIn profile) and referrals and am delighted to join a business that has customer-centricity at their very core. I know that ResourceBank’s strong array of services will benefit many in my network. It is a pretty special feeling to be able to adopt an industry-leading service proposition as my own – I cant wait to show NHS and Private Healthcare clients about our RPO solutions because I know how effective they are and the benefits that can be realised by partnering with us.

And finally, but maybe most importantly

ResourceBank and I believe in giving something back

As many in my network know I am passionate about “giving back” whether that’s through my charity work as Co-Chair for Action for Children or simply through giving my time to support people without the expectation of something in return. ResourceBank are a socially conscious business where “doing the right thing” is part of the foundations of the company. With that in mind I am delighted to confirm a commitment from the business to “give back” a percentage of the profits generated by my business unit to worthy causes in the NHS, Social Care and Charity Sectors.  I am very excited about this commitment and look forward to being able to help worthy causes.  In fact – feel free to get in touch with me to find out more about this.!

Thanks for reading my rather lengthy explanation!

If you like the sound of the services I am planning to offer as part of ResourceBank and would like to know more, please drop me a LinkedIn message or contact me on 01952 212581, 07936370806 or on


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