Seven reasons to ramp up recruitment in December

In the lead up to Christmas, most of us are winding down ready for a well-deserved break and recruitment tends to get put on the back burner till the new year. But you could be seriously missing out on great talent!

Here are seven reasons why prioritising your recruitment in December will put you ahead of your competition and help you find the best talent ahead of the new year.

1. There’s less competition – By December, many companies have used up their annual recruitment budgets or have decided to park their recruitment till the new year meaning your job adverts will have unrivalled attention from applicants.

2. Better onboarding – A great onboarding experience can increase employee retention by 82%, so hiring in December when things are a little quieter allows you to invest time in your new team members giving them the best possible introduction to your company. New recruits can also get to know their new colleagues in any planned parties and festivities!

3. Time to train – Take advantage of the more relaxed pace this month to train your new starters so they’ll be ready to hit the ground running in the new year.

4. A time for reflection – It’s the time of year when people take stock and reflect on what they’ve achieved during the previous 12 months and look to what they want in their careers going forward. Searching for new talent in December allows you to identify the people who are looking for a new position in January as part of their new years’ resolutions.

5. Staying ahead of the curve – The new year brings with it the likelihood you may lose some existing employees wanting a fresh start in line with the new year. If you’ve seen this trend in previous years, hiring in December allows you to pre-empt any staff shortages so you start the year with a strong team.

6. Not everyone celebrates Christmas – Our diverse country celebrates many religious festivals throughout the year and not everyone will be taking time out to tuck into a turkey dinner. There are still many people out there looking for new opportunities regardless of the season.

7. Students are eager for work – Universities close for the Christmas period in early to mid December so if you’re looking for extra staff to cope with increased demand over the festive period there’s a whole market of people looking to earn some extra cash ready for the next term!

So why wait till January?

If we can support you with any of your recruitment needs throughout December and beyond let us know.  Whether it be a short-term project or a longer-term partnership we have the expertise and experience to recruit the best people for your business.

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