Staffing Industry Review says RPO is taking off

staffing industry reviewThe May edition of SI Review – the monthly publication from Staffing Industry Analysts, features RPO on the front cover with a rocket and a “5,4,R,P,O” heading.   The article gives some good background to the growth of RPO and sets out the key reasons why an increasing number of businesses are using or considering RPO.

The article starts:

“There has been much talk about recruitment process outsourcing. Just a decade ago, industry insiders dismissed staffing providers who claimed they had an RPO arm. And even five years ago, only 14 percent of buyers responding to Staffing Industry Analysts’ annual buyer survey said they used some type of RPO solution and the rest showed little interest exploring this talent acquisition solution. Fast forward to today. It has become an established part of the staffing industry landscape and it continues to grow. Recent numbers indicate that 38 percent of buyers today are engaging RPO solutions and another 18 percent are seriously considering it in the near future. Staffing Industry Analysts estimates that the global RPO marketplace revenue was $4 billion in 2012. Why is there this surge of interest in RPO?

Click to read full article on SI Review May 2013

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