Sunday Telegraph covers ResourceBank forum

sunday telgraphThe keynote presentation and panel debate from the ResourceBank forum on Executive Pay last month were used extensively in the Sunday Telegraph special supplement into Pay and Reward on 9th June 2013.   Bonnie Gardiner from the Business reporter attended the forum and quoted keynote speaker Deborah Rees and panelist Kevin Ringrose in several of the articles.

This is one of the topics covered on page 3 of the report:

Speaking at a recent ResourceBank event on executive pay, Deborah Rees, director of Innecto Reward Consulting said: “Vince Cable has talked about the compelling evidence of disconnect between pay and performance in UK-listed companies and the call for action is loud and clear… but it’s not that simple. “Outside the spotlight of the FTSE 100, there are a lot of good examples of organisations who have used bonuses – short term and long term – as a really constructive way of helping to tie people into the growth of the business.” Some have indicated that the problem isn’t with pay packages but the executives themselves, and so greater transparency may not necessarily alter levels of pay. “I think this is about behaviour more than anything else,” said Kevin Ringrose, interim HR director for Stock Spirits Group, acting as a panel member at the same event hosted by ResourceBank and Innecto Reward Consulting. “If people can see a clear link between pay and the performance of an organisation, I don’t think they’d have a problem. But what people are getting upset about is the distinction between reward for performance and reward for failure.”

The full report can be viewed online through this link 

and the full reportage with pictures from the Forum will be available next week.

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