Introducing the Super HeRoes

Facebook-BGIf you listen carefully and look that bit closer, you’ll notice them. They operate the world over, in the shadows and in plain sight. They patrol policies, watch over businesses, combat attrition and fight the war for talent. They are a special breed. They are the Super HeRoes…….

Have ResourceBank taken the “Innovation” a bit far for this year’s Innovation in Recruitment event?  Yes we’re having a bit of fun and will be asking visitors to our sponsor’s stand at the event on 18th September to choose which SuperHeRo they would pick for a month’s special assignment in their HR department.  Would you select Spiderman for his ‘spider-sense” –to use his heightened perception to understand your current employee engagement levels?  Or would you pick the Incredible Hulk – for his unlimited strength and inexhaustible stamina to breakthrough your productivity issues?

HR Challenges

The fun approach does of course have a practical application.  Most HR departments have a number of challenges – at last year’s Innovation in Recruitment event, ResourceBank identified the key challenges faced by today’s HR specialists. A common theme emerged – this was a shortage of skills to support and overcome these challenges, which included employer branding, effective recruitment process, employee engagement, social media and cultural change.  While SuperHeRoes of Batman’s calibre may be in short supply, there are a range of tools, strategies and experts that can help identify, streamline and solve the majority of these issues.  For example, we look forward to taking part in the presentations at this year’s event and to show how one of our clients, Northgate, is using specialist expertise to develop a new social media recruitment communication strategy.

Meanwhile our sponsor’s exhibition stand will be “Super HeRo” themed and we will give all attendees the opportunity to chose one of seven superHeRos to help them in their fantasy project.  They will be able to take away a personalised SuperHeRo model to remind them of the event – and give them a bit of inspiration for the type of skills they need to address their key challenges.

Your personalised SuperHeRo

Superhero detailsIf you’re attending the event we look forward to seeing you on the day and we will be profiling each Super HeRo over the next 7 days to help you chose. Even if you’re not attending, you can still take part by telling us which SuperHeRo you would pick (and why) on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and the best suggestions will get a personalised Super HeRo sent to you!

Could it be Batman, Wonder Woman or maybe Ironman? It’s for you to decide




The results are in…

Thank you to everybody who gave us their thoughts and choices on the top SuperHeRo.   Click on the image below to see who was chosen as the top SuperHeRo…..







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