Talent Screener halves admin time

world duty freeThe use of an online talent screening tool has halved the time needed to screen Customer Service Assistants at ResourceBank client World Duty Free Group (WDFG).  Also, due to its use of personality questioning, it has increased the suitability of candidates invited to assessment days, thus increasing the effectiveness of these days and reducing time wasted interviewing unsuitable candidates.

Unlike other simple web-screening tools, the bespoke ResourceBank Talent Screener focusses on cultural values and organisational competencies.

ResourceBank Client Development Director Melody Hermon explains:

“A year ago WDFG identified the key individual values, behaviours and competencies that they wanted throughout the organisation.  All recruitment is now focussed on identifying and bringing in individuals who demonstrate these values rather than fit for specific jobs.  WDFG receives around 35,000 job applications each year and the Talent Screener asks behavioural questions of each applicant and scores them for match with the WDFG values and their focus on the customer.  On volume positions such as Customer Service Assistants, the Talent Screener has been very effective at ranking the most suitable candidates high and enables us to prioritise those and filter out candidates with low matches.

Prior to the Talent Screener, we relied on subjective views of customer service culture through CV and screening to  filter/rank candidates prior to interview  but now the Talent Screener is an objective measure of cultural fit, a wider range of candidates are being put forward, increasing diversity and improving quality.”

The ResourceBank Talent Screener can be adapted to meet a wide range of personality and behaviour questioning and can be a great benefit to companies with a clear value-set that recruit volume numbers of staff.

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