The big benefits of microbreaks

Have you ever reached the end of the working day and realised you’ve barely moved from your desk? When we’re busy, breaks can be few and far between but they’re essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. So what’s the answer?

Enter the mighty microbreak. It can be something as simple as having a stretch or gazing out of the window. They can last anything from a few seconds to up to five minutes and studies have shown they help boost energy levels and keep them stable throughout the day.

There are two rules when it comes to microbreaks, they should be short and voluntary and they can be broken down into four different categories:

1. Relaxation – this doesn’t mean having a cheeky power nap at your desk, but can be anything from having a big stretch or some mindful meditation .

2. Nutrition – having a snack or getting up to make a cup of tea.

3. Socialisation – chatting with your co-workers.

4. Cognitive – such as reading a magazine.

Microbreaks work particularly well if you’re completing a monotonous or mundane task, as does getting up and away from your desk. With one in eight  of us not even taking a lunch break, activities such as making a drink or walking up and down the stairs all add to your general well-being by keeping you moving. This also has the added benefit of reducing any aches, pains and strains you feel from sitting in the same position all day.

Focussing on a task for too long can actually lower your productivity levels, there’s even an optical illusion that occurs when we do, which can cause the object that we’re intently focussing on to disappear from our vision!

The introduction of microbreaks into your day should see your ability to focus and productivity levels increase which in turn can improve your energy, motivation and overall happiness at work so you’ve got nothing to lose by giving them a try!

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