The first question you should ask an RPO

richardWhat is the first question a client should ask if they want to create a successful RPO?  This is the question posed by leading magazine the Global recruiter to a panel of RPO experts in July 2013.  We publish the response from Richard Pearson, Managing Director of ResourceBank and the full article can be viewed on page 42 of the Global Recruiter on-line edition.

“I’m in danger of sounding like a three year old but the first question I  always ask to prospective clients  is “Why?”  Why are you looking to create an RPO?  What are you looking to achieve for your business?

Knowing and communicating your objectives up front will ensure that everyone within your organisation and within your  potential RPO partner’s organisation are working towards the same goals.   In most companies there is not just one aim – most clients have a mix of objectives so we ask them to rank/weight them in order of importance.  In our experience, the mix involves some of the following:

  • improve recruitment process,
  • source good candidates quicker,
  • free-up HR time,
  • make cost savings,
  • source long term talent,
  • enhance the employer brand.

Once clear objectives are  agreed and communicated to all parties, your potential RPO partner can propose a solution which is tailor-made to achieve your goals.   Every RPO that we implement is tailored to suit each  client’s different  needs.   We then make sure we report and benchmark the success against those goals – so that our client can really see the success of their RPO solution.


Richard Pearson
Managing Director

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