The four sectors that are hardest to recruit for right now

There is a more recent version of this article with 2022 figures here

Figures from the British Chamber of Commerce have shown that 70% of businesses that tried to recruit in the second quarter of 2021 reported difficulty in finding staff. With some industries such as IT/Tech having no trouble at all hiring new people – which sectors are struggling and why?

Construction came in highest, with 82% having difficulty recruiting, unsurprisingly followed by hospitality at 76%.  The production and manufacturing sectors have reported they are struggling to find skilled workers, and behind them at 43% is retail.

As well as the loss of a significant number of workers due to Brexit, the pandemic has caused potential employees to pause and reflect about what they really want in a career. Being on furlough has given them time to reassess, with many quitting their jobs and moving to something they feel is more meaningful and are struggling to find this sense of purpose and fulfilment within these sectors.

There are also the more practical elements to consider with many individuals not having the confidence that these industries can offer them job stability. Despite redundancy rates being back to pre-pandemic levels there is still a lot of uncertainty.

Any hands on, entry level positions seem to be some of the hardest to recruit for. Normally ideal for students or school leavers, there is a fear that Covid has led to a loss of interpersonal and social skills. This combined with a lack of any formal exams may impact confidence and self-worth in young people starting out in the working world.  This is where the Government Kickstart scheme (link to our page) is invaluable to those eligible between the ages of 16 – 24. We’ve used the scheme ourselves and hired 5 very enthusiastic and talented young people.

If finding the right people to fill your roles in this difficult climate is taking up too much of your time and budget, it’s worth considering outsourcing your recruitment. This way your HR and internal recruitment teams get the support from an experienced recruiter without impacting on their day to day tasks.

ResourceBank can support you on both applying for the Government Kickstart scheme and about the benefits that outsourcing your recruitment can bring to your business.

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