The Power of Learning

It’s Learning at Work Week, and as the Government launches its Lifetime Skills Guarantee to upskill and re-train millions of people nationwide, it’s important to remember just how important learning is, not just to our careers but for our overall wellbeing.

From the moment we are born we start learning but in many cases our learning slows once we have finished in education, however by continuing to invest in our own learning and development can have so many benefits.  Learning doesn’t always need to be at work or a qualification, it can be learning a new skill, sport, or hobby.

So what are the benefits of continual learning:

It supports your wellbeing – learning is a core part of psychological wellbeing and when we learn we can build our confidence and a sense of self-efficacy.  Learning can also help us get into a sense of ‘flow’ which is when we are so absorbed in what we are doing we lose sense of time and ourselves.

It’s good for your health – learning keeps the mind engaged and your brain active which keeps our neural pathways active, helps with cognitive function, reduces stress and also can delay the onset of Alzheimers and dementia.

Keeps you relevant – by continually leaning (especially at work) you will remain relevant and will be up to date with trends and adapting your skill set so you don’t get left behind as innovation, ways of working and technology evolves.

Stops you getting bored – constantly learning can help to keep interest levels high so you don’t get bored so quickly.  Learning something new can break the cycle of doing the same thing over and over and help to re-motivate yourself.

Become better adapted to change – when you learn something new and have more varied experiences, your perceptions changes which then make it easier to adapt to other changes that occur in life.

Helps you stay connected – by participating in courses or classes you will meet lots of different people and be able to connect with new individuals which will also help to develop your ideas and knowledge.