This is what sets us apart from other Engagement Service providers

Figures from the ONS show as of January 2022 36% of people were still fully working from home or hybrid working.  For those employees who can’t or prefer not to return to the office it’s more important than ever to ensure our remote colleagues are happy, motivated and engaged.  So here are two main reasons we believe ResourceBank stands out from the rest when it comes to our Engagement services.

1. In depth, bespoke and visually engaging reporting

So you’ve taken the leap and instructed a company to conduct some engagement surveys with your colleagues. The surveys are sent out, filled in and you anxiously await the results. Then you get this in your inbox…..

No one wants to trawl through hundreds of lines of data to decipher their employee’s responses – so what’s the solution?

ResourceBank’s Engagement reporting is unique, as not only do we procure quality data, we present it in a way that visually appealing and easy to understand. Surveys and reports can even be tailored to incorporate your company’s tone of voice, logo and colour palettes.

This is just a small glimpse of the types of reporting we offer…

Exit Interview Headline Report

  • Typically provided on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Provides a snapshot of data and feedback responses for the month or quarter
  • Picks out key questions asked in the interview such as demographic data, reasons for leaving and overall satisfaction
  • Raw data is put into an easy to read graphical format for simple viewing and circulating to key stakeholders in the business

Leaver Trend Analysis report

  • Typically provided on a quarterly or annual basis
  • The report details the data captured for all questions in the interview, the themes and trends identified from the data and offers solutions and recommendations for the organisation to increase engagement and satisfaction
  • Offers valuable insight and quantifiable evidence to initiate change

One of our clients said....

``We love the content, and even more the format, of the reports you collate with our exit interview feedback. We include this in reporting monthly in our Business Review pack, and the engaging format is such an ease to present. The year to date information is especially useful in viewing trends and action planning for the future.
Thank you!``

Not only do our clients have access to great reporting, they also have the ability to see real-time results as soon as an interview or survey is completed by logging into an online portal.

The portal allows you to see both individual and combined results, as well as being able to filter and export the data into charts or just have the raw data if needed.

We can survey your people at any point in the employee lifecycle and reach out to them in a range of ways, whether it be an online survey, a phone call, or a Microsoft Teams call.

New starter






2. Service Delivery

The second thing that sets us apart from other providers is our service delivery. We offer a bespoke and high-touch service giving you both qualitive and quantitive data and our services are all conducted by experienced HR and recruitment specialists

We’re flexible and are able to contact your employees when it’s suitable for them, including evenings and weekends.

75% of new clients were also looking at other providers before choosing to partner with ResourceBank.

We regularly check in with our clients to ensure they’re happy with the service and have some great results from our satisfaction surveys.

We’d love to discuss your engagement and reporting needs, so get in touch with Charlotte below! You can also take a look our website if you’d like to explore further

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