This is why you should outsource your exit interviews

It’s hard to recruit right now. There are a record number of vacancies and not enough people to fill them. Covid has caused people to reflect on their priorities including their careers, which has led to the ‘great resignation’.

Understanding the motivations behind why people are leaving your company allows you to uncover any potential issues, concerns, or additional needs that can be addressed before you lose more people.

Internal exit interviews may seem the most simple and straightforward process, but have you considered –

  • The time it takes to complete the interviews
  • What’s the best way to contact the person? How many times do you try to reach them?
  • What interview questions are going to give you the most useful information?
  • How are you going to process and report back consistently on the data you have gathered?

A third-party specialist does all of this as standard ensuring you have a smooth, consistent process.

They’re also trained interviewers so where some individuals wont feel comfortable talk openly to an internal member of staff, a neutral interviewer is a great alternative. The added confidentiality from a third party allows an ex-employee to speak freely without fear of burning any bridges with their professional network.

Outsourcing your exit interviews also means you get consistent, meaningful data.  You’ll have a team procure quality information for you,  presented in a way that is visually appealing and easy to understand which allows your HR team to focus on implementing and driving new strategies to support your employees.

ResourceBank is a trusted business partner working closely with clients to solve their HR challenges and maximise their ability to attract, engage and retain talent. 

The Engagement Team has been working in Partnership with clients for over 6 years, helping employers to understand and objectively measure the relationship between the organisation and its employees.

You can see an example of how our exit interviews have led to some great insights and positive results for the company and employees alike!

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