Using video to attract candidates

Video is transforming the way we behave online.  The increased availability of 4G mobile and fibre optic broadband means that we spend a third of online activity watching videos – and it is forecast to significantly increased throughout 2017.  Our thirst for video drives our spending habits online – 76% of businesses who use video have found it leads to an excellent return on investment (ROI) and significantly improved their website’s conversion rate.

Using video in the recruitment process can be equally as effective as in consumer markets and is a great way to attract potential candidates.  Research shows that jobseekers are ten times more likely to share a job post containing video than one without. In another recent survey, 77% of individuals confessed they are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a promotional video and the same works for job postings – millennials in particular are easily persuaded by engaging and relatable video content.

An insight into the business

Potential candidates want to know what you are like to work for – and historically we provide an insight into our business through open days or written case studies / interviews with current employees.  These have a level of trust that cannot be achieved through other mediums. Using video to introduce jobseekers to their potential future co-workers and allowing them a virtual tour of your facilities provides them a realistic insight on what it’s like to work for the firm. These videos would essentially act as employee testimonials which are not only more compelling than text but also more precise.

A true picture – positives and negatives

Your recruitment videos should also include negative attributes as well as positives, the negatives may put-off some applications but will leave you with ones that you would actually want – the ones that are most suitable for the role and match your company culture. Research has identified that emotion plays a key role in the decision making process and we believe there is no better way to evoke someone’s feelings than with the use of video marketing. Pride and joy are two very powerful emotions and by showing off employees who are happy and proud to work for the company, their sincerity will come across to viewers.

Some examples of videos in recruitment

A great example of a successful video marketing campaign is the one ResourceBank helped introduce to the World Duty Free careers website.

These videos feature a range of employees, from customer services, store manager to head of retail and they all describe how long they’ve been working for World Duty Free, what their role entails and what they like the most about their job. The purpose of these videos are to entice applicants through the words of existing employees rather than the company itself.

The Northgate Vehicle Hire videos we implemented have also been very effective and feature genuine, unscripted content including real-life employees. The workers featured in these videos are providing a genuine insight on what it’s like to work for Northgate including: What a typical day involves, what it’s like working for the company, rewards and benefits and what advice they would give to jobseekers. Since the implementation of these videos which have gained 5,000 views, Northgate have received frequent positive feedback and were told the videos were the main factor that influenced individuals to apply; these videos are embedded onto the careers website, sent via email job postings and the motor technician video is shown at the Northgate recruitment evening for technicians.

Up to 300% rise in click-through rate

Since a number of our clients decided to include video to their recruitment strategy, our recruiters have found an increase in job applications; embedding videos into emails was an effective approach as it helped to dramatically increase the interest generated. Research conducted on video marketing showed that including a video in email can lead to an impressive 200-300% rise in the click-through rate.

If you are interested in learning more about how video content could improve your recruitment effectiveness, please get in touch.  We will provide you with a free audit and assessment for your business and, if you decide to proceed, we will completely project manage for you from start to finish.  Call our Head of Marketing, Mike Ellingham on 01952 281900 or email to find out more.

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