Why Engagement is key for a happy workforce

Well,  how the world has changed in just over a year. Who would have thought zoom meetings and MS teams would replace board meetings and client catch ups? That parents would become their children’s educators and that dining out would become the stuff of dreams.

Our work, as well as many other significant parts of our lives have transformed dramatically at the will of the virus.

Before the pandemic, between 12 and 18% of employees in the UK were homebased. That has increased to a staggering 54% during lockdown.  CIPD quotes that the rate is likely to remain at around 37% once the pandemic loosens its hold (sooner rather than later… please).

Obviously, some workers have remained unaffected…. Those at the coal face of manufacturing, retail, health and social care have endured. Conversely for many of those in hospitality, furlough has been the only option and for those somewhere in the middle the lines between work and home are blurrier than before. Let’s face it, working life has changed for EVERYONE.

18 months ago, employers who thought their business could not support homeworking have been forced to re-think. And guess what? Many have come to see the positives and realised, under the duress of circumstance, that it does work, and there are some real positives like;

  • You can probably now ensure you hire the “right” person geography isn’t a barrier. The world is more virtual than ever.
  • Working from home increases employee’s wellbeing and improves their work/life balance……. That is, if they can switch off from the demands of the working day and enjoy quality personal time…self-care is key!
  • Increased productivity and motivation; just remember to stop working!
  • Our carbon footprint is massively reduced…. No need for travelling from 6 far flung locations across the UK when a MS Teams meeting can be effective?
  • Our business over heads reduce….. if more of our employees are home based, lets downsize our office!

But with anything, there are some downsides to consider….

For some, is homeworking isolating?

Is creativity being stifled?

Is your culture and morale being eroded?

Is your employee engagement suffering?

Are work relations harder to build and sustain?

Are your managers burnt out?

The question is, how do we keep in touch with our staff and check their wellbeing and motivation in this virtual world and as we head to towards a new “normal” ? How do we make sure they are supported through the full employment life cycle?

Clearly virtual team meets and 1:1s can go some way to ensure that employees are ‘OK’, but how can it be measured more objectively, tangibly, and accurately across an organisation? How do we gauge the widespread wellbeing and engagement of such a dispersed workforce?

That’s where widespread employee feedback is so vital.

The average cost of hiring a team member in the UK is £3,000. With confidence returning to the market and light at the end of the tunnel attracting, on-boarding and retaining your talent must be a top priority.

With challenges of remote working, how do we make sure that our induction is still effective? How do we ensure that new employees feel welcomed, have all the knowledge and equipment they need and feel well assimilated into their new team?

That’s where New Starter and On-boarding interviews come in. An objective, tailored survey delivered on line or phone/video by us can provide you with the answers to these business critical questions and help ensure that new employees start off on the right foot and that you maximise retention.

To ensure you don’t fall foul to increased attrition as the jobs market becomes more buoyant you could also consider Engagement, Stay and Wellbeing Surveys to help retain your talent.

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