Why using multiple recruitment agencies is a bad idea

With nearly 1.3 million vacancies, and a shortage of applicants, it might seem like a great idea to brief multiple recruitment agencies to fill your roles. It makes sense right? The more people working on your role the quicker the elusive perfect candidate will be found.

Here’s four reasons why it could actually be the worst hiring decision you make….

1. Competition between agencies often means speed over quality

Agencies will always want to fill a role quickly, especially if they know other agencies are also working on the vacancy. In the race to secure their fee, the agency recruiter is rushed and has less time to spend focussing on your brief and finding the perfect person for you.

2. Candidate confusion can affect your company reputation

There are only so many available candidates out there. Multiple agencies means multiple job adverts which can lead to duplicate applications from candidates who aren’t aware they’re applying for the same role. They’ll then get calls from different recruiters all following different processes and this confusion could lead to them dropping out of the process. It could also lead them to believe your company is disorganised and unprofessional as the agencies are all acting on your behalf.

3. Disagreements over fees

As previously mentioned, your agencies will be searching in the same pool of candidates. This can often lead to the fee for the successful candidate being contested between different agencies as to who found them first and may even result in you paying the fee twice.

4. You don’t have enough time

If you’re using agencies to recruit it’s probably because you don’t have the time to do it yourself. However when you instruct multiple agencies, this means giving multiple briefs, have a variety of contacts to keep up with and numerous update calls to field. Don’t forget all the CVs you’ll need to review too. You may end up busier than you were in the first place.

So what’s the alternative?

It’s worth considering working with one specialist recruiter who will focus solely on your recruitment.

A partnership with ResourceBank means you can build a relationship with your own dedicated recruitment team who fully understand the needs of your business. Every candidate goes through a tailored streamlined recruitment process that ensures consistent contact along the way. This ensures your company reputation stays intact and the successful candidates fit your brief perfectly.

ResourceBank are leading providers of HR, recruitment and talent solutions including helping you to improve your employer brand and understanding the needs and experiences of your people.  To find out more about our services, click the boxes below or get in touch with Charlotte via the contact form.

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