Who needs Social Media when you already source enough good candidates?

FrontpresThis was the question posed by Northgate HR Director Marc Bertrand to ResourceBank’s Richard Pearson and social media recruitment expert Lisa Jones at the Innovation in Recruitment event in London on 18th September. As main sponsor of the event, ResourceBank invited along key client Marc and partner Lisa to debate the social media topic. Attendees were treated to a lively, entertaining, interactive and informative presentation that had several laughs but also some key advice to companies needing to attract the best talent in the market.


ResourceBank Managing Director Richard Pearson introduced the session by saying that research had shown that many mid-sized UK businesses were challenged by the prospect of introducing social media into the talent attraction process.  ResourceBank are currently introducing social media channels to its already successful RPO at Northgate Vehicle Hire and had invited the key parties to explain why.


Marc Bertrand provided an entertaining and sometimes controversial view.  He is HR Director of Northgate Vehicle hire, the largest provider of van hire in the UK.

marcBWe are already the largest supplier to white van man in the UK and we continue to grow year on year and attract great quality staff without utilising social media.  When we opened our new office in Watford we used traditional recruitment techniques – including parking a a van outside Watford Football club to talk in person to a large number of local candidates. Why would I want to spend the time fooling about on Social media?

Social landscape

Lisa Jones then gave an equally entertaining and even more interactive defence of using social media to communicate with potential candidates.  She highlighted the enormous growth of social media – in particular on mobile devices – by quoting statistics including 65% of emails are read on a mobile device and 73% of job searches on LinkedIn are done on a mobile device.

Lisa-Jones-150x150Social Media has just made some companies take their traditional approach online...and shout louder. Social recruiting is now all about attraction – providing interesting and engaging information that will attract talent to your brand.  It’s not about having another channel to blast out job adverts.

Lisa provided the example of an education recruiter who had researched what content was of most interest online to their potential candidates and found that it was CATS.  The recruiter then made sure that they sourced and provided interesting & engaging content to their cat-loving candidates and saw its online followers (and brand engagement) rise drastically.

Lisa concluded:  “It’s all about them (the candidate), NOT you.  Find out what they use to communicate, when they are online and what “turns then on”.  Provide relevant and interesting content that they will engage with in order to build your talent attraction online”.

Northgate’s new approach

The ResourceBank resourcing team at Northgate are still using traditional recruitment methods but now with additional Social Media focus.  Research is underway to build a content plan which is engaging to the “white van man” supplier’s candidate base so that an even higher quality of candidate is attracted into the business in the future.



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