World Duty Free: Hiring & Open For Business

Despite the staffing challenges at UK airports this year, 128 World Duty Free stores throughout the UK are now open, stocked and staffed to support customers this summer. These stores at World Duty Free (WDF), the UK’s largest Duty Free retailer, were completely closed for 3 months in Spring 2020. A small number re-opened as Airports did, but the majority were closed due to the pandemic for nearly 18 months. Keeping current employees engaged throughout the pandemic, while on furlough, and having a strategic recruitment partner have been key to WDF’s effective re-opening.

Geoff Hall, HR Director for WDF said “Its not been easy but, thanks to the hard work of all of our HR , Retail and Logistics teams supported by our fantastic recruitment partner ResourceBank, we have been able to recruit over 600 new team members in the last six months.

I took the decision 15 years ago to outsource our recruitment to ResourceBank and its turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. We would never have been able to deliver the recruitment volume needed from our resources.

Even though we “turned-off” the ResourceBank partnership in March 2020, we have kept in regular contact, and when we received the green light to re-staff at the start of this year, ResourceBank were ready to start the recruitment process for us immediately. It is such a benefit to us that they were immediately able to dedicate 10 experienced recruiters onto our recruitment needs. I feel for some of my peers in other airport businesses as it is a challenge to attract and retain staff at the present time. Fortunately WDF is an attractive brand to work for and we have an efficient, well-drilled, proactive and hard-working recruitment team.”

The ResourceBank WDF resourcing team has broken the back of the immediate recruitment needs but continues to recruit for open positions at the retailer through its bespoke careers site. The team has actually started to support other employers at the airport and anyone struggling to recruit at the current time is encouraged to reach out for help.

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