Would your Super HeRo be Spiderman?

spiderman 3 219x164We’re sponsoring the Innovation in Recruitment Summit 2014 on September 18th and our exhibition stand will feature seven Super HeRoes to help solve your HR challenges. Over the next week we will be profiling these Super HeRoes and their super powers to help you choose and our first suggestion is Spiderman.

Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker gained incredible powers and developed these to become the Super HeRo we know today. Adopting the name Spiderman, he has speed, superhuman strength and agility with an extremely heightened sense of perception and can cling to most surfaces, lift 10 tons and is 15 times more agile than a regular human.  Would Spiderman be your Super Hero?

The combination of his acrobatic leaps and web-slinging enables him to travel rapidly from place to place. His inherent spider-sense provides an early warning detection system linked with his superhuman kinesthetics, enabling him to evade almost any injury and defeat any foe.

So which HR Challenge would Spiderman’s skills be most suited to solving? Could his spider sense focus on searching for great talent or would it be best used undertaking a covert employee engagement project to find out what your staff thinks of your employer brand?  Or maybe his speed, strength and agility are most suited to enhancing productivity. It’s for you to choose…….

In 2013 ResourceBank identified some key challenges for the HR community, including:

• Attracting and recruiting talent
• Reward and recognition
• Leadership development
• Succession planning
• Employee engagement
• Business transformation/cultural change
• Productivity

If you’re attending the Innovation event we look forward to seeing you on the day. Even if you’re not attending, you can still take part by telling us which Super HeRo you would pick (and why) on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and the best suggestions will get a personalised Super HeRo of their own!

Tomorrow we’re focusing on Iron Man.

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