How to write effective job adverts

Your job advert is one of the most important factors when it comes to attracting top talent and it’s frequently the first (and last) thing a candidate will look at before deciding to apply for your role or not. Here are some key tips to ensure candidates find your job adverts and are encouraged to apply for your roles: 

Think search engine not job title spin

With the majority of candidates using search engines of one form or another to find jobs, you need to make sure the title of your job matches the search phrases that they use.  You may think that “Digital Customer Outreach Champion” is a nifty job title but nobody will find it.  Far better to use “Telesales executive” as the job advert title and introduce your company’s own peculiar job title later in the advert.   In a survey carried out by Monster, 64% of respondents said they would not apply for a job if they did not understand the title and 57% said jargon and acronyms in job titles put them off applying.  So make sure you find out what search phrases a candidate will use to search for similar jobs that you have and utilise these in the advert in order to get maximum reach.

Appealing job description

Applicants will have a list of requirements (even if its subliminal in their mind) when it comes to finding a new role, therefore it’s important to ensure your job advert includes the highlights and benefits of working for your company, in particular your EVP (employer value proposition). Think of the job you’re advertising as a product you’re trying to sell – and the EVP is your USP (unique sales proposition) but from a potential employee’s point of view.  Stress what they will get out of a career with you and what’s in it for them! It’s ok to mention what experience/background they need to have – but make sure its balanced with what they will be doing for you and what they will gain from joining your business.. According to Entrepreneur, employees really value basic perks and are particularly interested in company benefits such as healthcare, performance bonuses and retirement plans so it’s important to highlight all of your company benefits in order to entice candidates to apply.

Visuals, visuals, visuals

Incorporating a strong visual element in job adverts is a great way to stand out from competitors and attract the eye of the right candidate. In a survey carried out by Social Talent, results show 51% of job seekers said they would be more attracted to an advert which incorporated images or videos than one that does not. Social Talent also found candidates are mostly interested in seeing images of the workplace and other employees, videos featuring real-life employees are also very effective as it gives candidates an insight of what it’s like to work for the company – research on video marketing shows a video on job adverts can lead to 2.5 more applicants per job.

Attention to detail

It should go without saying, but proof-reading your advert before posting is vital as a poorly written job will not only deter candidates but reflect badly on the company. In a survey carried out on over 2,000 individuals, 23% of job seekers are shocked and put off by spelling or grammatical errors in adverts, in particular those who specify they are looking for candidates with ‘good attention to detail’.  Make sure someone else proof-reads your advert for you.  It is very easy to go “word blind” and overlook mistakes that you have unintentionally made.

Easy to contact and apply

Finally, make sure you make it easy for potential candidates to contact you with questions (ideally out of normal office hours) and remember to encourage candidates to apply. Point them towards the next steps by creating a sense of urgency and include a call-to-action such as ‘apply now’.  With 70% of job searches being undertaken on mobile devices, make it easy for candidates to apply.  Don’t have a massive application form – ideally incorporate application using social media profiles if you can.

Hopefully these tips will help to improve your job advert writing – but if you’d like to get some more specialist advice and services to help you improve your talent attraction activity then please contact us on 01952 281900.

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