You won’t know if you don’t ask the right questions

No matter how engaging your organisation is, there will always be times when your employees leave and, as a responsible HR professional, you will try to find out why.

There are many reasons people leave; unhappiness with their job role, pay & benefits, relationships with other colleagues or the lack of training and career progression opportunities, or simply the other job was just too good to refuse.

Anecdotally you probably have a good idea as to what the reasons are but like many HR professionals that we help you just don’t have the data to back this up; its either not available full stop, inconsistent, outdated or in a format that frankly no busy HR person has time to do anything with!!

There are many ways we help organisations understand employee engagement through our 360-engagement offering but conducting independent exit Interviews is one that many HR professionals chose to start with. They provide a clear and accurate picture as to why your employees are leaving and it may tell a different story to the one you were expecting.

1. You won’t know if you don’t ask

2. You won’t get the truth if you don’t ask the right questions

3. You won’t see the full picture if you don’t have the data analysed correctly

Anyone can set up an exit interview process but the hard part is ensuring;

  • Your internal leaver process is slick to ensure exit interviews are conducted effectively and efficiently
  • Your questions are relevant, objective, meaningful and reflect your organisation at that time – during a pandemic this is even more key!
  • Your exit interviews are consistently delivered with multiple contact attempts ensuring completion rates are as high as possible – ours are >80%
  • Your survey design provides the best user experience both over the phone and on-line
  • Data from the exit interviews is available in real time and MI is provided in a format and frequency that suits
  • You obtain both qualitative and quantitative data throughout that can be effectively analysed to support your decision-making

You can set all of this up yourself – but this is where outsourcing your exit interview process really adds value.  Not only can we deliver all of the key points above but we can help you to pinpoint any common reasons for staff leaving to enable you to take the necessary actions to further improve engagement.

And, in our experience, talking to an independent person who is not currently part of your organisation, actually uncovers the real reasons that a person is leaving.

We have helped HR professionals to improve aspects such as working environment, reward, training, management style and internal mobility and have resulted in them achieving a reduction in staff turnover and improving employee retention.

A free review of your process

There’s never been a more poignant time to ensure you know how your colleagues are feeling and their level of engagement.  If you haven’t got an exit interview process in place or you want to improve your current process, I can give you a completely FREE review of your system with pointers for what you can improve and what we could help with.  To start this off, please click the “meet” button below and chose a time which suits you to have an introductory chat.

It’s not just exit interviews that we deliver.  Our 360-engagement services incorporate tracking your colleague engagement at all stages of their employment.  We undertake on-boarding surveys, recent joiner surveys, annual engagement surveys, stay interviews and pulse surveys such as our current covid-19 engagement tracker.  Ask us for more information below..

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