Assessment for Development

Assessment for Development:

Being able to understand the capability of your people is fundamental to driving the development of high potential. It increases awareness and growth of capability across the board, supporting succession planning and career mobility and ensures that your people and business are as agile as possible.

High Potential

Identification and development programmes help you distinguish between high performance and high potential, ensuring that your emerging leaders are aligned to your strategy and enabling you to support them in their development in order to reach their potential.

Team Development

Psychological profiling in team building can be a very useful tool in distinguishing personalities, traits, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of each team member giving them a more rounded view of themselves and their team.

Succession Planning

Helping you to define and deliver a process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key business positions.

Career Mobility

Maximising your people power by moving employees across grades/ positions (both upward and downward) or a complete change in occupation. It ensures that employees, over a period of time, move to job roles suitable to their skills, goals and aspirations. Career mobility can be a result of both – the choice of the employee or the choice of the employer.


Often provided as a follow up from an assessment which has  resulted in headcount reduction, we ensure an individual’s self-awareness is optimised providing feedback and insight into their strengths and limitations.  Coupled with helping them to understand the options open to them and follow a well-proven and professional job search process.