Assessment for Selection

Assessment for selection:

Being able to assess and select the right talent is core to any business.   We are able to help you identify quality, effectiveness and organisational fit through a range of robust, innovative and bespoke assessment methods. This could encompass simple psychometric profiling through to assessment centres enabling you to make reliable, objective and confident decisions about your people.  We take a partnership approach, whether it’s to find the best external talent, undertake internal selection or to support a restructure; we can help you realise your talent vision.

External Recruitment

Helping you make informed decisions by providing a holistic profile of suitable candidates combining a range of tools across the selection spectrum; Ability, Behavioural, Motivational and Judgement to ensure the right candidates are presented and the right hiring decision is made.

Internal Selection

Providing a rigorous and pragmatic approach, we ensure that your organsations’ values, competencies and vision are at the core, supporting you to get the best possible insight into your people.  Our approach is tailored but often uses a mixture of robust off the shelf tools and bespoke exercises to ensure maximum validity and engagement.

Restructure / re-organisation

These can be challenging times, with significant risk, and often time sensitive.  No matter the scale of project we can support you to deliver in a timely, fair and objective way that is fully aligned to the project goals.

Personality profiling

This gives a powerful insight in to how an individual will perform in relation to the team, role, environment and culture by identifying their capabilities and limitations and any possible risk of appointment.


Where Assessment functions and duties have been managed in-house you are able to easily transfer these to us.  We can provide a full circle service for such projects including set up, project management, design, delivery, MI and full candidate management.  The benefits being increased expertise, a scalable and flexible resource, UK coverage often coupled with commercial gains.