Assessment for Leadership


Being able to identify and assess leadership qualities in a structured and objective way during a selection process is a challenge for many organisations.   Characteristics that may be strong in a one on one interview situation are not always those that will be required in a leadership role.   Having a more accurate insight into executive talent allows organisations to make these decisions more confidently — and avoid costly mistakes.

Leadership Model Final

ResourceBank Leadership model

There have been many assessment models developed in recent years to assist companies in identifying in an objective way how individual candidates will perform as leaders.  ResourceBank has researched many of these models and utilised our considerable experience of recruiting executive candidates within the UK to develop our own 9 point Leadership Model which has the following key benefits:

  • It matches most UK corporate business cultures
  • It is designed to suit middle and senior level executives not just Chief Executives
  • it is simple to understand
  • it allows visual comparisons between candidates
  • it provides a fast and cost effective method of assessing potential candidates

The 9 point Leadership Model is structured on three core capabilities:

  1. Shaping the Future Strategy
  2. Engaging and Leading people
  3. Making it Happen

These three core capabilities are divided into three sub-abilities which, in our experience, are most frequently required within a senior management population. The ResourceBank Leadership Model has been developed by our own team of Occupational Psychologists and Assessment Professionals who have vast experience as well as specialist expertise.

Our team utilises a range of different assessment tools and techniques to assess candidates against our model.   We offer a tiered level of service so that we have something that is suitable for every occasion. Our approach includes personality profiling and ability testing which is validated by one of our Occupational Psychologists resulting in a thorough report.

Our Leadership Model can be incorporated into our own Executive Search projects, undertaken in parallel to your own recruitment / selection process or undertaken as a stand-alone assessment project.

If you have your own leadership model or competency framework, we can use that or work with you to map it onto our model.

In addition there are a range of ad hoc services we can provide to suit your needs which include:

360 degree appraisal

We can help you to identify the best tool for your organisation to provide holistic and valuable feedback to individuals on their performance. By obtaining feedback from a number of sources such as peers, managers, direct reports and external stakeholders, it enables individuals to reflect and better understand their current performance and can form part of their personal development journey.

Senior Management & board effectiveness / readiness

We can help you to develop the strategic leadership capabilities that will enhance the contribution of your senior team/board members and to ensure they are working effectively as a team and translating this into effective delivery for the organisation. By identifying the ideal capabilities and gaps in the team, we can help you maximise team working and minimise potential conflict.

Career coaching / transitioning

An Occupational Psychologist will use data gathered from an assessment process to help individuals develop a greater insight into their strengths and areas of development. We can consequently provide guidance, support and advice to these individuals to help them optimise their strengths and assist them in developing higher levels of self awareness as well as understanding their impact in their environment.