ApprenticeLink from ResourceBank is a unique service that connects providers of apprentice training with employers that can most benefit from their services.

The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017 has raised awareness of apprenticeships amongst UK businesses making it more important than ever for employers to harness the value of apprenticeships to develop new and existing talent.

However, we often hear from business leaders that, while they see the benefits of apprenticeships, the system is complex and they struggle to identify the most appropriate training providers for their organisation. With nearly 3,000 registered suppliers offering training for more than 200 different apprenticeship standards, it is a challenge for any employer to have the time or expertise to understand them.

And for training providers it is a challenge to promote and differentiate their apprenticeship offering and to open up communication channels with the business decision makers that can make best use of their services.

This is where ApprenticeLink comes in.  We support both trainers and employers  to maximise the value of apprenticeships by connecting them with the most appropriate partner for their needs.

  • We provide guidance to employers ensuring that they maximise the value of apprenticeships and utilise their levy investment efficiently
  • We support training providers to develop and market their apprenticeships through identifying, contacting and engaging suitable employers and learners