Covid-19 Employee Pulse Survey

Covid-19 Pulse Survey

Fast, accurate feedback to help you manage your employee engagement during the crisis

Engagement Clients include:

In these unprecedented times getting accurate and fast feedback from your people is key to managing your response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our ‘COVID-19 Pulse Survey’ is designed specifically for the current situation.  It checks with employees on a weekly basis providing you with a valuable independent tracker of your employee views.  It enables you to listen to the concerns of your employees and make informed decisions on how best to respond.

Our standard survey takes just 3 minutes to complete.  It can however be customised in terms of length, questions, style, format and frequency.  It can also be tailored to suit employees in different situations including those working from home and those on furlough.

The survey can be sent to your entire workforce or a sample population via e-mail or text and if you want a more personal approach our team can speak to individuals over the phone. We can launch this survey in a matter of days and send at a frequency to suit, providing you with instant access to response via an on-line portal.

What to do with results?

We will help you to identify items or factors that you need to action quickly and we can also track the overall trends for your business management team.  Employees will see that their feedback has been taken on board, resulting in a more engaged and informed workforce and ensuring that individuals are more likely to continue providing feedback should you chose to collect more.


Standard survey topics:

  • Well-being, health and support
  • Role enablement
  • Communication and awareness
  • Business continuity
  • Leadership and company confidence

All can be tailored to meet your needs

Having somebody neutral to speak to has really made a difference for our people. There is excellent access to data which enables you to drill down and really understand peoples concerns.”

Workforce Programme Manager
London-based NHS Trust

Our generic survey can be branded to your business and launched within three days with results available in real time via our on-line portal.  Should you however need a bespoke survey we can work with you to create this very quickly too.



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