Engagement interviews for the NHS

Improving NHS staff engagement and retention

As the UK’s largest provider of independent exit interviews, ResourceBank is ideally positioned to help healthcare organisations improve staff engagement and retention. We have extensive experience of working with NHS Trusts and other key sector organisations to provide valuable in-depth insights which lead to positive changes.

Our dedicated teams, responsive technology and fully customised surveys ensure you have meaningful data in a format & frequency to enable you to identify trends, track engagement and highlight areas of dissatisfaction.

The importance of undertaking exit interviews and engagement monitoring

Workforce engagement and staff retention is one of the main concerns for the NHS.  All health sector employers have staff shortages and there is concern about how future roles can be recruited at a time of increasing patient demand together with economic uncertainty.  Nursing remains a key area of shortage and pressure for the NHS; In December 2019 there were 25,573 (FTE) vacancies of which the highest percentage (41%) were seen in the ‘Nursing and Midwifery’ skill area.

The biggest impact employers can have on their resourcing challenges is to minimise attrition and ensure that retention is the focal point of your people strategy. Acting on feedback from current employees focuses on the needs of individuals and provides the greatest opportunity to support and engage and as a result improved staff engagement, reduced attrition, a more stable workforce and reduced recruitment costs.

Why outsource to an independent company?

An irrational fear of reprisals, and the need to secure references, means many employees fail to reveal to their employer the whole truth about why they want to leave. However, an independent third party is more likely to get to the heart of any issues. Our independence, flexibility and proactivity increase completion rates and accuracy – our average completion rate is 85%, with honest and open replies, compared to c 25% when undertaken by internal HR teams.

Our results help businesses improve retention, support future planning and provide deeper insights.

When and how should you gain insights?

Exit interviews are an essential part of any organisation looking to improve recruitment and retention. However, at ResourceBank we also believe engagement at different stages of the employee journey is just as important if not more so. Our focus includes:

 On-Boarding. Ensuring that the critical first month has gone well and any issues are nipped in the bud

Recent starters. Gaining early insights within the probation period.

All staff. Annual engagement surveys give a strong overview of satisfaction levels.

‘At risk’ staff. We can focus on areas of challenge or demand e.g. nurses/doctors to attract and retain talent.

We use a blended phone, e-mail and text approach and all responses are available in real time via our online survey platform.   Our experienced interviewers obtain detailed responses which helps us provide our clients with powerful quantitative and qualitative information presented in a visually impactful manner.

ResourceBank’s sector expertise

Our services are tailored and surveys fully customisable to meet the specific needs of every customer and we have extensive experience of supporting healthcare organisations with staff resourcing and retention.

We already work in partnership with several NHS Trusts across the UK, as well as associated healthcare providers. A recent project for Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust surveyed all leavers and all recent joiners and provided valuable feedback enabling the HR team to implement changes that had an improved impact on engagement and retention.  You can read the full case study here and Lisa Brown, Workforce Programme and Projects Manager for the Trust said;

“There is definitely more openness with an independent company; having somebody neutral to speak to has really made a difference. I would recommend this approach to other NHS Trusts because it really does work. With ResourceBank you are able to get a lot of information; the reporting side is very good. There is excellent access to data which enables you to drill down further. The project was a really positive experience, and we had a very strong working relationship”


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