Outplacement and Career Transitioning Service

Searching for a new job can be one of the most stressful and challenging things that we do. Developments in technology mean that career management and job seeking is very different and ever-changing.

Each year ResourceBank helps more than 5,000 people to find new jobs and we have a specific service supporting people in transitioning their careers. ResourceBank employs a team of experts who deliver a personal and confidential Outplacement service to organisations and individuals and organisations. Our experienced team provides practical advice and guidance for those making their next career move with practical support which they which job seekers and career changers will be able to implement immediately.

ResourceBank’s approach

Our approach means that we can work with individuals to provide people with 1:1 consultation and support, and also with groups through our tailored workshops.

Managing changes programmes is a challenge for any organisation and delivering targeted support is very important to how we manage people.  That is why ResourceBank can take a flexible approach to delivering our 1:1 support and workshops – targeting by job role, geography, experience and content – really whatever you would need.

Whatever the approach at the core will be:

  • Understanding interests, key strengths and transferability
  • Creating a personal ‘marketing plan’
  • Developing a CV and social media profiles to increase visibility
  • Maximising personal networks
  • Interviewing practice and personal presentation
  • Using online recruitment tools and agencies to support job search

Benefits of Outplacement services for individuals

  • Helps re-build confidence at a vulnerable time
  • Creates clarity and focus for their next role
  • More effective and time-efficient job search
  • Helps improve interview skills

Benefits of Outplacement services for your business

  • Protects your company reputation
  • Improved engagement from existing employees
  • Frees up valuable time for HR
  • Provides expert help just when it is needed

If your company is going through a restructure and in need of Outplacement Services or you would like to find out more on how our HR Team can help you, contact Charlotte Todd-Smith on 01952 281928 or email: charlotte.todd-smith@resourcebank.co.uk