Recent Joiner Survey

Recent Joiner Survey

Fast, accurate feedback to help you secure, retain and re-engage recent joiners

Engagement Clients include:

The first six months in a new role are the hardest to get right.  90% of new hires decide within the first six months on the job whether they want to leave or stay.  Expectations and engagement built-up during the interview process can quickly diminish once that new starter becomes part of the organisation.

A new starter can quickly translate into a leaver, wasting your investment in recruitment, onboarding and training as well as impacting on team morale and your reputation in the candidate marketplace.

Our ‘Recent joiner / Onboarding Survey’ identifies at critical points what is happening with your new starter. Often joiners in different departments and divisions can have very different experiences.  Valuable information  obtained can be acted upon quickly to address issues and help reduce attrition rates in key areas.

Survey questions are tailored to your  needs, gaining rich opinions about the induction, role, relationship with their Manager, team morale and support.

The feedback is timely enabling you to deal with issues, concerns and inconsistencies in a responsive and dynamic way.

How is the survey undertaken?

Conducting the interviews over the telephone is recommended. Our team are experienced and trained to remain neutral, but probe to gain as much relevant information as possible. A blended approach of telephone with email and text options can also be considered.

Reporting is available in real-time via an on-line portal.  Data is presented by division or location to suit every client


The Benefits of our Survey

Using the ResourceBank ‘Recent joiner / Onboarding Survey’ can effectively help you to;

  1. Reduce short-term attrition,
  2. Increase employee engagement
  3. Decrease stress,
  4. Increase speed to productivity
  5. Improve long term loyalty and commitment
  6. Help support your all-important employer brand.

Standard survey topics:

  • Induction effectiveness
  • Manager relationship
  • Team dynamics
  • Satisfaction with role
  • Productivity
  • Cultural match
  • Leadership and company confidence

All can be tailored to meet your needs

Having somebody neutral to speak to has really made a difference for our people. There is excellent access to data which enables you to drill down and really understand peoples concerns.”

Workforce Programme Manager
London-based NHS Trust

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