Apprenticeship recruitment

ResourceBank provides a specialist service for companies that want to recruit apprentices but don’t have the resources, experience or expertise to do so cost effectively.


Over the last few years, many employers have realised that apprenticeship programmes can be a cost effective and flexible way of developing new talent for their organisation.  The latest statistics show that there were 871,800 apprentices in a recognised programme in England in 2015, and with four out of five employers saying apprenticeships are likely to play a bigger part in their future HR strategy, this figure is set to grow.

Many employers are attracted by the cost effectiveness of the apprenticeship programme – with Government funding available to those in recognised programmes.

However, many employers do not appreciate the additional challenges of the apprenticeship recruiting process.  When compared to traditional recruitment, apprenticeship recruitment has specific challenges including:

  • There is very little previous work experience from which to judge a candidate’s work abilities
  • For many candidates this will be the first full time job they have applied for and will be “raw” in terms of job application process and interview etiquette
  • Candidates’ parents take an active role in their application process and need to be well managed by potential employers
  • The volume of applications for apprenticeships with well known companies is very high and all candidates need effective management

ResourceBank has worked within the apprenticeship recruitment market since 2010 and has developed an expert service specifically for apprentice employers.   Our service is tailored to each client and can include:

  • Project planning
  • Talent specification
  • Bespoke apprentice websites
  • Tailored advertising and social media
  • Open days
  • Full application management
  • Telephone and video screening
  • Behavioural assessment
  • Assessment days
  • Offer management
  • On-boarding
  • Full reporting including diversity data

From 5 to 750 apprentices – a fully flexible solution

If you are interested in how you can recruit apprentices in the most effective way then please contact Richard Pearson on 01952 281900 or 07734 972684 or send an email