Employer Branding

ResourceBank can develop and promote a distinct employer brand for your organisation, attracting talented candidates who share your values and who will help to build on the success of your business.

In today's competitive marketplace, attracting talented candidates is a challenge for everyone.  Having a clear Employer Value Proposition (EVP) which can be promoted attractively to candidates will give you a significant advantage.

For over 20 years, ResourceBank has been managing recruitment for leading businesses, helping them to identify, develop and promote their employer brands.  Every employer is different, based on their values, culture and environment.  The proposition has to be accurate and real – for example there is no point in promoting your business as an entrepreneurial nirvana if you actually have quite structured management processes.  You will attract candidates with unrealistic expectations who are likely to leave and increase your attrition rates. We will work with you to ensure your brand and proposition is clear, realistic and engaging.

Our employer branding process

A full employer brand process would cover the following:

  • Audit your current employer brand through surveying your current employees
  • Benchmark your employer brand versus your competitors
  • Recommend enhancements and developments to employee strategy if required
  • Develop a clear Employer Value Proposition
  • Create a communication plan to promote your brand across all media to candidates
  • Implement the plan through career websites, video, engaging content and advertising
  • Measure the quality of candidates attracted and how well they match your culture
  • Review and update the employer brand strategy

We work with your marketing and communications departments in order to ensure a clear and consistent branding strategy throughout your target markets.

We understand the recruitment process and ensure that your employer branding can be delivered through all suitable media such as recruitment websites, job board advertising, social media and events. We also ensure that your EVP remains consistent throughout the process at each candidate touchpoint. From the moment a candidate first sees your brand, through surfing your website, applying for a job, being interviewed by phone, being invited to your site for interview, feedback, offer and onboarding - we ensure they receive a consistent and positive message.

Why use ResourceBank for Employer branding?

We have an unmatched depth and range of expertise in delivering success for your employer brand.

  • 20 years experience
  • Creative employer branding and candidate marketing experts
  • Expertise in candidate communication and recruitment processes
  • High levels of customer satisfaction

We have delivered successful employer branding projects to a wide range of companies including:

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If you are interested in how our employer branding service can help you business then please contact Mike Ellingham on 01952 281900 or send an email