Outsourced HR

Why Outsource Your HR Processes to ResourceBank?

Free up Company HR professionals
Better service due to managed SLAs
Flexible service copes with peaks and troughs
More cost effective than using internal management or HR staff
“ResourceBank created consistent and robust processes within the business that enabled our HRBCs to concentrate on strategic business. They certainly have delivered. Customer satisfaction for HR transactions is at 89% and costs have been reduced by £300,000.”

Streamlined HR Administration

Provision of a first-line HR administration service to free-up HR departments and respond to all staff in a fast and effective manner

The fast, effective and efficient administration of routine HR tasks is an important factor in the way HR departments are viewed within the organisation.   A rapid response to a request for a reference to support a key employee’s mortgage application or the accurate completion of salary increases may be small and mundane matters but can have a large negative impact on employee motivation if not completely accurately and an time.

However, many modern HR departments are not specifically designed to have the resource, capability or skill to manage a high-volume administration focused activity.

Outsourcing of your HR administration tasks to ResourceBank HR Solutions provides you with an expert provider who is experienced in managing the high-volume administration activities.  Our team is frequently embedded within our client’s organisation so that client employees are not even aware that the service is outsourced.  What they do notice is that the processing of their HR administration is conducted efficiently, accurately and on time.

We work to 24 hour; 5 day Service Level Agreement and our teams manage over 2,000 transactions a month for each client.

We work to demanding Service Level Agreements often providing same day delivery on key HR activities. We consistently deliver against SLA’s whether we are handling 3000 transactions per month for our larger clients or 20 for smaller clients.

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