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Bellway began as a small family business in 1946 - with a passion for building exceptional quality homes. They have been recognised as a 5 star home builder for the last five years and now employ nearly 3,000 people.

When Bellway initially contacted RBR in 2017, their attrition levels were higher than ideal for staff moving on within the first 12 months of employment. Bellway decided conducting consistent Exit interviews by an independent partner (link to page) would give them a better insight into the motivations of their employees. In 2020 we expanded the service to include New Starter and On-boarding surveys in order to obtain critical data at the start of the employee journey at 1- and 4-month points bolstering their onboarding experience and ensuring there was an opportunity to seek feedback and address any issues in those crucial early days.

  • Exit interviews
  • Onboarding and new starter surveys

How have ResourceBank’s Engagement surveys helped Bellway?

One of the areas the Exit interviews identified as an area of concern was employees feeling they didn't have a good work/life balance. Bellway took this data and along with manager training they implemented core working hours across the business to ensure people know they were able to freely leave when their working day was complete, as well as introducing flexible start/finish times and the option to work from home one day per week where possible.

Employee benefits were also addressed, with pension contributions being raised, offering, and actively promoting fathers the opportunity to split parental leave with their partners if they wish, along with a discount and rewards gateway launched with new benefits and many more in the pipeline!

The recruitment process itself has become smarter and more streamlined after data confirmed a slight issue with role misalignment in some areas of the business. The changes that were made resulted in Bellway having a more robust recruitment and onboarding process, ensuring that going forward the right people are hired for the right role.

Bellway’s most recent Employee Engagement Survey showed an increase in scores since ResourceBank’s On-Boarding surveys were introduced, with 97% of employees saying they know what is expected of them in their job. There has also been a 4% increase in people responding positively to future progression and career developments within the company which great news and demonstrates the importance of a good onboarding process and communication with employees during their first few months in the company.

Having tangible, actionable data highlighting the need for change has meant the HR Team have had sufficient budget allocated to make improvements. With information from the reports regularly shared at Divisional Director level, HR Advisors can have more conversations around which populations of colleagues are engaged and motivated, and can provide support, feedback or extra coaching if needed.

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The team helped to ensure all new candidates were engaged with and identified with the Wolseley brand. This engagement smoothed the path for the rebranding of all branches to the core Wolseley brand during 2019. Current NPS scores are +82 for internal managers and +89 for candidates

Laura Bell

Group HR & OD Manager at Bellway Homes

“ResourceBank understand what we’re looking to do and are clearly experts in this field. They’re open and honest with advice and are always prompt in responding if I have any questions. Anything we ask for, they can do it. Our reports were tailored to be exactly as we wanted, as well as being accessible and easy to read. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending ResourceBank to my network”

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