RPO for Wolseley delivers outstanding results

ResourceBank RPO works alongside the internal resourcing function at Wolseley to provide an effective and proactive talent attraction and engagement service throughout the UK.

Time to hire has been reduced from 100 days to 30 days and hiring manager promoter scores are outstanding.

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Wolseley UK is the country’s largest plumbing, heating and cooling trade specialist merchant. It is the UK operating company of Ferguson plc, a FTSE 100 company with revenues of over $18 billion.

Back in 2016, the company operated several individual trading brands including Plumb and Parts Center, Pipe Center and Burdens servicing distinct customer groups. Recruitment was decentralized without any core process. Time to hire was anything between 70 and 100 days and attrition was very high.

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ResourceBank RPO established a dedicated team of 8 staff within its Telford office and quickly set out to build relationships with Hiring Managers throughout the Wolseley organisation.

As relationships were built, recruitment successfully delivered and candidates onboarded with positive experiences, the RPO relationship flourished. The contract was renewed, extended to incorporate additional elements of recruitment and is one of the reference contracts for ResourceBank.

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The ResourceBank team managed 1,306 vacancies via a centralised resourcing function for Wolseley UK using a branded bespoke careers website and candidate portal.

0 Day Time to Hire

Prior to ResourceBank's involvement, time to hire was anything between 70 and 100 days and attrition was very high. The dedicated team reduced this to an average of just 30 days.

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The team helped to ensure all new candidates were engaged with and identified with the Wolseley brand. This engagement smoothed the path for the rebranding of all branches to the core Wolseley brand during 2019. Current NPS scores are +82 for internal managers and +89 for candidates
``ResourceBank has made a significant impact on our business through the high quality of staff recruited into our branches. Staff attrition is down and customer satisfaction has improved as a direct result of their work. They are quick to suggest improvements and are an invaluable partner to Wolseley. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business looking for an RPO provider.”
Stuart Lee Head of Resourcing for Wolseley

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