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Providing outsourced recruitment excellence

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is now a common term within the HR community and the trend to outsource non-core but vital functions is here to stay.

At ResourceBank we’re not fans of the term “RPO”. We think the phrase has connotations of pushing away and losing control of an important HR and business function. We believe in the opposite.

Partnering with an enthusiastic and highly focused specialist such as ResourceBank gives organisations a competitive edge in a volatile and increasingly tight candidate market.
This is why we prefer the term Resourcing Partner.  Our approach to recruitment outsourcing is to provide you with a bespoke, tailored and unique partnership service which suits your culture and needs. You will have a dedicated resourcing team with the aim of becoming an extension of your existing HR / Recruitment teams, communicating with candidates and hiring managers as your company’s talent acquisition department.

Modular Services

Whilst we’ll happily provide support right across the recruitment lifecycle, we’re just as able to manage specific elements of the process depending on your need.

User Experience

A key driver for us is the importance of both the candidate and hiring manager experience, it’s the reason why we measure customer satisfaction as part of our service commitment.

Our People

Recruitment is about people so we work hard to make sure we have the very best working with us at ResourceBank. We’re organised into client groups so our teams have the opportunity to gel together and build sustainable, successful relationships with our clients supported by our specialist talent attraction team.

Long term partnership

We have a number of long standing RPO partnerships with leading UK based businesses which demonstrate the value and effectiveness of our service.  And when our HR Director clients join a new organisation we are often one of the first calls they make.  We are trusted to deliver.

Case Studies

RPO for Wolseley delivers outstanding results

ResourceBank RPO works alongside the internal resourcing function at Wolseley to provide an effective and proactive talent attraction and engagement service throughout the UK.
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Award winning recruitment partnership

ResourceBank first managed recruitment for World Duty Free at Heathrow in 2007. Since then we have developed a true partnership with the business, now managing all UK recruitment at all airports and leisure parks. We have helped WDF to win awards for customer service and increased revenues ahead of budget.
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Phenomenal first year

In a year we have spoken to over 10,000 candidates, had in-depth career consultations with 3,642 applicants and recruited more than 80 new staff members to the Dental Partners team including over 30 dentists
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Record number of roles filled so far in 2021

Since March 2019, 274 fully outsourced roles have been logged for us to work on and the company is currently undertaking the biggest recruitment drive in its history, with 130 roles being filled in 2021 already! We've recently expanded our recruitment team and can't wait to continue working alongside Simpson Millar.
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New Recruitment Partnership with SMT GB

In the first three months over 40 roles have been logged, with 25 offers made to successful candidates in that short period of time.
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Why use ResourceBank RPO?

  • Improved time to hire
  • Better quality candidates
  • Higher manager satisfaction
  • Enhanced employer brand
  • Reduced cost and complexity
  • Dramatically improved candidate experience

How does this work in principle?

  • We provide the people, systems and expertise to create a centre of recruitment excellence
  • We can be onsite in your offices
  • We report to you and we form a sub-set of your HR department
  • We provide a team that recruits solely for your business
  • We act as brand champions for your business, selling the story and benefits of working for you

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