Why choose RPO over in-house recruitment?

The golden question – Why bother with RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) when you have a perfectly good in-house team? The answer is simple – is just ‘good’, good enough? Does ‘good’ get you the right calibre of candidates that can turn your business into a leading provider in your sector? 


RPO comes in many shapes and sizes and has the ability to be flexible in its approach – services can be scaled up or down according to the fluctuating recruitment demands of the company. If a company is particularly project focussed or needs to flex with market trends then an in-house team can be an expensive fixed cost, especially if recruitment demand temporarily declines. An RPO provider however, will work with your requirements and can scale its service provision to meet your demand.

Skills Encompassed

Unlike traditional recruitment, RPO providers have expertise in both recruitment and HR based solutions and the ultimate goal is much more than just filling a role. RPO providers manage the strategic recruitment process as a whole and offers immediate benefits that an in-house team may not be able to. RPO provides strategic workforce planning, employer branding optimisation and Hiring Manager training, they

also develop long-term talent pools and implement career portals, along with many other activities to help your recruitment environment run more effectively. In short, an RPO firm plays a bigger role than just restricting itself to recruitment and fully integrates itself within your organisation.

Suitable for everyone

Many people mistakenly believe that RPO is only suitable for large companies but in actual fact, SMEs can also stand to benefit from outsourced recruitment. Many small companies don’t have an in-house recruitment team so the task of recruitment is pushed to line managers who may not have the time to get to the point of hire – writing job adverts, sourcing candidates and CV screening is a time-consuming process which can distract line managers from doing their regular job of delivering end services to clients. Implementing RPO means companies can enjoy the ease of having experts handle the administrative side of recruitment whilst retaining control of all hiring decisions.

Improved Communication

An issue with in-house recruitment is that relations between recruiters and HR can less than harmonious as both departments have different end goals, conflict can easily occur and if not managed properly, their agendas can clash.  An RPO however, does not have an internal stake in the company and it’s in their best interest to create a recruitment environment that will thrive and deliver results as promised.  RPO collaborates the efforts of marketing, HR and recruitment to enhance the company’s brand, effectively attract candidates and incorporate procedures already established by HR to streamline the process.

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You can also see what we’ve achieved with our RPO clients in our case studies by clicking below.


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